Flourish Financially with Kathy Longo
Weekly insights to help you feel financially fulfilled and emotionally empowered
7 months ago

Episode 57: The Interconnection Between Your Social Life and Your Financial Life

Our friends are some of the greatest influencers on all aspects of our lives, meaning the company we keep can make or break our financial success.

7 months ago

Episode 56: Helping Teenagers Develop Good Habits Financially, Academically and Physically

When you're parenting a teenager, instilling positive habits around money, school, and health is imperative for their future success.

7 months ago

How to Manage Your Money When You're Extremely Busy

If better money management is on your "someday" list, these tips will help you free up time to tackle it now and gain greater financial peace of mind.

7 months ago

Episode 54: Having it All: Being a Great Mom & Having a Successful Career

For working mothers, finding balance between work life and home life can be a frustratingly elusive goal.

7 months ago

Episode 53: Why You Need a Family Mission Statement

A family mission statement is a powerful tool to inform your choices and help you meet your family’s personal and financial goals.

9 months ago

Episode 52: Finding the Best Financial Advisor for You

Your financial plan should go beyond dollars and cents, and the best way to ensure it does is to find a financial advisor who adds a personal touch.