The Flourish Financially Challenge
weekly challenges and resources to help you flourish!
2 months ago

Episode 36: The Money Conversations You Should Be Having

Discussing money matters with the people closest to you is a crucial step in achieving your goals and improving your financial health.

3 months ago

Episode 35: Considering Your Legacy

Many people fail to put enough thought into their legacies - what they would like to leave to their children, grandchildren, and favorite charities when they pass away.

3 months ago

Episode 34: Staying Active in Retirement

Every person’s ideal retirement lifestyle is different, yet research shows there is a common thread among the happiest and healthiest retirees: they remain active and engaged in life.

3 months ago

Episode 33: Your Retirement Identity Makeover

If you’re struggling with the transition from the working world to retirement, it may be time to give yourself a ‘retirement identity makeover.’

3 months ago

Episode 32: Preparing for Boomerang Kids

Nearly 55% of young adults will move back in with their parents before the age of 27, and these so-called “boomerang kids” can have serious financial implications for parents.

3 months ago

Episode 31: Nurturing the Empty Nest

When your children leave home, the transition to an empty house will impact your emotions, time, finances, and relationships.

4 months ago

Episode 30: Protecting Yourself From Financial Surprises

Life brings many ups, downs and surprises and preparation is key when it comes to surprises that impact your money.

4 months ago

Episode 29: Good Debt & Bad Debt

The vast majority of us will have debt at some point in our lives, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because debt can be either “good debt” or “bad debt.”

4 months ago

Episode 28: College Savings vs. Retirement

Parents are used to sacrificing for their children, but your retirement savings should always come before saving for college.

4 months ago

Episode 27: Preparing for Unique Situations

Your financial situation is unique and so are your goals, so don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all financial plan.