The Flourish Financially Challenge
weekly challenges and resources to help you flourish!
2 months ago

Episode 41: Building Your Financial Confidence

If you equate money with stress or feel paralyzed when it comes to financial decision-making, take these steps to build your financial confidence.

3 months ago

Episode 40: Money & Your Values

If you’re unsure whether your financial decisions are in line with your values, it may be time to do a “values check.”

3 months ago

Episode 39: A Man is Not a Plan

The majority of women will be responsible for their own finances at some point, making it crucial to remember that a man is not a plan when it comes to preparing for your financial future.

3 months ago

Episode 38: Using the TALK Method for Family Money Discussions

Family conversations regarding money can be quite challenging, but they are paramount to protecting your family’s financial health and ensuring your wealth is protected.

3 months ago

Episode 37: Retirement Planning Investment Mistakes to Avoid

One way to create a successful and fruitful retirement plan is to make smart investment decisions - and, more importantly, to avoid making common investment mistakes.

4 months ago

Episode 36: The Money Conversations You Should Be Having

Discussing money matters with the people closest to you is a crucial step in achieving your goals and improving your financial health.

4 months ago

Episode 35: Considering Your Legacy

Many people fail to put enough thought into their legacies - what they would like to leave to their children, grandchildren, and favorite charities when they pass away.

4 months ago

Episode 34: Staying Active in Retirement

Every person’s ideal retirement lifestyle is different, yet research shows there is a common thread among the happiest and healthiest retirees: they remain active and engaged in life.

4 months ago

Episode 33: Your Retirement Identity Makeover

If you’re struggling with the transition from the working world to retirement, it may be time to give yourself a ‘retirement identity makeover.’

5 months ago

Episode 32: Preparing for Boomerang Kids

Nearly 55% of young adults will move back in with their parents before the age of 27, and these so-called “boomerang kids” can have serious financial implications for parents.