The Flourish Financially Challenge
weekly challenges and resources to help you flourish!
2 days ago

Episode 46: Money Talks With Your Aging Parents

As your parents age, it becomes more important to have frank financial conversations with them in order to protect your family’s finances.

9 days ago

Episode 45: Planning for Retirement as a Couple

Planning for retirement as a couple brings unique challenges that single individuals will not face – namely, compromise and agreement.

16 days ago

Episode 44: How Emotions Affect Your Money Story

Understanding your emotions surrounding financial topics can remove barriers to success and help you make more level-headed financial decisions.

23 days ago

Episode 43: Empower Yourself Through Financial Organization

If you have a myriad of retirement accounts with overlapping objectives, make time to organize your account information and ensure you’re making the most of each one.

a month ago

Episode 42: Talking to Your Kids About Money

Parents are powerful influences on how their children spend, save, and invest, so it’s critical to teach your kids about money early and often.

a month ago

Episode 41: Building Your Financial Confidence

If you equate money with stress or feel paralyzed when it comes to financial decision-making, take these steps to build your financial confidence.

a month ago

Episode 40: Money & Your Values

If you’re unsure whether your financial decisions are in line with your values, it may be time to do a “values check.”

2 months ago

Episode 39: A Man is Not a Plan

The majority of women will be responsible for their own finances at some point, making it crucial to remember that a man is not a plan when it comes to preparing for your financial future.

2 months ago

Episode 38: Using the TALK Method for Family Money Discussions

Family conversations regarding money can be quite challenging, but they are paramount to protecting your family’s financial health and ensuring your wealth is protected.

2 months ago

Episode 37: Retirement Planning Investment Mistakes to Avoid

One way to create a successful and fruitful retirement plan is to make smart investment decisions - and, more importantly, to avoid making common investment mistakes.