The Flourish Financially Challenge
weekly challenges and resources to help you flourish!
4 days ago

Episode 51: Planning for Career Transitions

Career transitions are sometimes unexpected, but if we know how they might occur, they’re easier to plan for.

12 days ago

Episode 50: Are You Ready for an Encore Career?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for retirement, and an encore career may be the ticket to enjoying increased satisfaction during this phase of your life.

19 days ago

Episode 49: Fourteen Financial Fears

Our emotions can cause us to avoid making important financial decisions, and this is particularly true when it comes to fear.

a month ago

Episode 48: Teaching Kids About Investing

If you’ve been talking with your kids about personal finance topics like saving, spending, and sticking to a budget, why not introduce the concept of investing, too?

a month ago

Episode 47: Why Friends and Finances Do Mix

Our friends are some of our greatest influencers, and they have a significant impact on the way we manage our finances.

a month ago

Episode 46: Money Talks With Your Aging Parents

As your parents age, it becomes more important to have frank financial conversations with them in order to protect your family’s finances.

2 months ago

Episode 45: Planning for Retirement as a Couple

Planning for retirement as a couple brings unique challenges that single individuals will not face – namely, compromise and agreement.

2 months ago

Episode 44: How Emotions Affect Your Money Story

Understanding your emotions surrounding financial topics can remove barriers to success and help you make more level-headed financial decisions.

2 months ago

Episode 43: Empower Yourself Through Financial Organization

If you have a myriad of retirement accounts with overlapping objectives, make time to organize your account information and ensure you’re making the most of each one.

2 months ago

Episode 42: Talking to Your Kids About Money

Parents are powerful influences on how their children spend, save, and invest, so it’s critical to teach your kids about money early and often.